Owning a cat can be one of the most rewaring experiences you have. When it comes to hygiene, cats have standards, as they often feel happiest in their surroundings when everything is clean and comfortable. To our furry friends, the team at Catlux presents you the best seat in the house! Catflux Softwood Clumping Litter is the ultimate must have litter for you kity owners.

Litter that is soft for your cat's paws, keeping you calm and stress free. Catflux products are gentle on the environment as they are made from natural products. The best choice for cat owners as you've got it easy.

You can flush it, compost it, or just bin the used litter. So no hassle! This cta litter is also specially formulated from natural products to control any odours inbetween cleans. Moreover, Catflux product are made from high quality softwood that lasts longer than any other brand. Fill the litter tray to a depth of 5 cm. Urine is absorbed immediately forming a clump.

Using a litter scoop, remove clumps and solids.

The remaining litter is fresh and clean.

Top up the tray as necessary.

• Natural Odour Control
• Gentle on the Environment
• Gentle on Paws
• Longer Lasting
• Lightweight and Easy to Handle

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